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List of articles from Humberside Geologist

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Number 1 (published 1975)

Editorial from No. 1 - by Brian Latham

Number 3 (published 1980)

In the beginnings - by Kenneth Fenton.

Number 4 (published 1984)

Report of field excursion to Kelsey Hill, June 16th. 1888 - by F F Walton

A Short Walk near North Newbald by Mike Horne

Number 5 (published 1986)

The Geology of Pearson Park, by Mike Horne

Past Officers of the Hull Geological Society (updated version)

Number 7 (published 1989)

The History of the Hull Geological Society 1888 - 1988 by Mike Horne (slightly updated version; without pictures or appendix).

The History of the Hull Geological Society 1888 - 1988 by Mike Horne (slightly updated version; with pictures - 500KB ).

Humberside Geologist No. 9 (published 1991) 

Bibliography of East Yorkshire Geology - Mike Horne (updated March 2006 - about 210Kb)

Number 8 (published 1991)

A geological walk in the city of Hull by Ron Harrison and Mike Horne

Number 10 (Published 1992)

Aland Erratics in Britain by John Barry

Flint Meal - by M Horne

Members' Evening 1992

Notes and Comments (1992)

Report of the East Riding Boulder Committee 1987-1991

Some Eighteenth Century Notes on Glacial Erratics in Humberside - by Mike Boyd

Number 11 (published 1995)

The Geology of the Market Weighton By-pass

Geology in the City by Mike Horne

An Ichthyosaur vertebra from Hotham Carrs by Peter Halkon

Notes and Comments by Mike Horne

Number 12 (published 1999)

Another letter from Mary Sheppard

Discovering garnets along the shore - C Dutton

Editorial - D Hill

Field Meeting to Langtoft Chalk pits - F Whitham

Field Trip to Scotland - D Hill

First UK RIGS Conference - M Horne

Notes and Comments- M Horne

On the Beach??- P Hildreth

Professor Ansel Dunham

Reminiscences of some early collecting in East Yorkshire - E V & C W Wright

Rifle Butts Quarry SSSI - M Horne and C Dutton

Rudist bivalves - a bizarre group of fossils from the Cretaceous of Jamaica - S F Mitchell

Speeton Clay Dinosaurs - E V Wright

Starting a small fossil collection - M Horne

The Geology of the Hull Fish Trail - M Horne

The Geology of the Melton Ross Chalk Quarries, North Lincolnshire - F Whitham

The Variegated Beds Member of the Welton Chalk Formation of North Lincolnshire - P Hildreth

Two very interesting and contrasting coarse-grained plutonic rocks found on our beaches - C Dutton

Visit to Boulby Potash Mine - M Horne and N Whittington

Yorkshire's Jurassic Park - M Horne

Number 13 (published 2000)

Abstracts from joint meeting November 2000 - various authors

A field Trip to Castleton, Derbyshire - N P Whittington

A year in the life of the Hull Geological Society (1999-2000) on-line version with added photos by Mike Horne

Cement making at South Ferriby - P Vjestica & F Whitham


Excursions from the past - P Hildreth

Lewis Frederick Penny 1920-2000 - J W Neale

Lewis Penny remembered

List of Officers and Committee for 2000.

Mark Piasecki remembered

Millennium (updated version) by Mike Horne

Millenium, Time for reflection on Time and tides - N P Whittington

Notes and comments

Report of Field Meeting in North Lincolnshire by Paul Hildreth

Report of Hull Geological Society field trip to Derbyshire - F Whitham

Report of the East Riding Boulder Committee 1992-2000 by Mike Horne

Report of 3rd UKRIGS Conference - B Heaton & M Horne

Student memories of Lewis Penny - J A Catt

The Glacial Geology of Dimlington High Cliff - F Whitham, M Horne & T Rockett.

The Internet, a useful tool for geologists? - N P Whittington

The strange and wonderful Speeton Clay - M Horne

The Upper Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay by Martin Chambers

Thoughts on the Millennium by Cyril Dutton

Walton Street and the Hull Geological Society - F Whitham

Number 14 (published 2008)

Abstracts from the "Open Questions in East Yorkshire Geology" meeting, October 2005 - various authors

Abstracts from the "The Pleistocene World" meeting 13th October 2001 - various authors (text only)

Abstracts from the "The Pleistocene World" meeting 13th October 2001 - various authors (with photographs about 500kb)

Coastal Erosion and the Lost Towns of Holderness. - Gordon Ostler

The coastal exposures of Boulder Clay and erratics in Holderness - Stuart Jones

Glazes: from ash and clay - Stan Prokop (with photographs)

The Geochemistry of the Red Clays of Holderness and their origin - Caroline Memczak et al. (236kb)

Geological rambles of a Tank Officer in World War 2 - E V Wright

The geology of East Yorkshire coast. - Report of a joint meeting of the Hertfordshire and Hull Geological Societies held in September 2003 - Mike Horne ( with photographs)

The geology of East Yorkshire coast.- Report of a joint meeting of the Hertfordshire and Hull Geological Societies held in September 2003 - Mike Horne ( text only)

The Importance of the Caytoniales and Cayton Bay (Yorkshire) Mid-Jurassic Flora in Relation to Flowering Plant Ancestry - John B. Barrett

Michael House remembered - Dr. Peter McCabe

Notes and comments - Mike Horne (new)

Notes on the UKRIGS Conference 2002 - Barrie Heaton

Obituary - Donald Beveridge - Felix Whitahm

The real mineral resources of the United Kingdom - Peter W. Scott

Report of the East Riding Boulder Committee 2001 to 2004 - Mike Horne

Shells collected from the Kelsey Hill Gravels at Keyingham - Stephen Whittaker

Some open questions in East Yorkshire Geology - G W Lamplugh 1898.

Starting geology - Cyril Dutton

St Austin and the Fairy: a tale of two RIGS - Derek J. Gobbett

A tribute to Professor Michael House - Roger A. Hewitt

The work of G.W. Lamplugh in understanding the Quaternary history of East Yorkshire - John A. Catt

Unfolding the Ingletonian Rocks of North Yorkshire. - Paul Hildreth

Yorkshire Geology Month 2005 - Mike Horne

Number 15 (published 2015)

The Amazing Mr Sheppard - M. R. D. Seaward (online version only)

Collecting Rocks, Minerals and Fossils in East Yorkshire - Ros Perry (online version only)

The current condition of inland exposures of Chalk on the Yorkshire Wolds - D Gobbett (printed version only)

HGS Field Trip to Ravenscar - T Rockett.

HGS Visit to Frodingham Ironstone quarries - T Rockett.

Macrofossil succession of the Burnham Formation of North Ormsby, Lincolnshire - J.P. Green

Notes on Trip Through France September 2011 - B Heaton

The Provenance of the Glacial Tills on the Holderness Coast, East Yorkshire, UK.Luke Beaumont (online version only)

Quaternary Geology of the Holderness Coast: A Brief Overview - Tracy J. Marsters

Report of the East Riding Boulder Committee 2005 to 2011- M Horne

A Section of the Burnham Chalk Formation at Ulceby Vale Quarry - P. N. Hildreth

Skipsea Withow Mere - Tracy J. Marsters

A summary Cenozoic history of the Yorkshire Wolds - Derek Gobbett

Tectonic structures in the Chalk of the northern part of the Yorkshire Wolds - Derek Gobbett

The Tertiary basalts of Antrim and the underlying Chalk - The Giant's Causeway by Terry Rockett

Whitby and the Cleveland Dyke - Paul Hildreth

Articles from Humberside Geologist no 16 (published online from 2019)

Beneath our feet in Welton, Melton and Wauldby - Terry Rockett

Bibliography of East Yorkshire Geology 1988 to 2014 - Mike Horne

The Bisat Project Phase I  - Sequential Photographs of the Cliffs of the Holderness Coast  (pdf 650k) -  Graham Kings [published 2020]

Churches, Lichens and Rocks field meeting 2019 - Janet Robson, Mark Seaward and Mike Horne [published 2019]

Geology and Lichens of Saint Michaelís Church - Mark Seaward and Mike Horne [published 2019]

The Hornsea Tesco Boulder - Dennis Haughey, Mike Horne and Stuart Jones [published 2020]

Organising and leading field trips - compiled by Mike Horne [published 2020]

Past Officers of the Hull Geological Society

Report of the Bisat Project 2014 to 2019 - Dennis Haughey [published 2020]

Three fieldwork scenarios - Arthur Speed, Chris Leach, Mike Horne, Philip Vixseboxse & Rodger Connell. [published 2019]

Was Rifle Butts SSSI ever a quarry and who used it? - Mike Horne [published 2020]


Special publication number 1 - CD-ROM of the 2005 Lamplugh meeting including recordings of talks, texts and photographs of the displays and field-meeting.

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