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Trustees of the Hull Geological Society

The Trustees shall be the Officers of the Society - Treasurer, General Secretary, President and Vice-President and sometimes the Past President (if she/he is willing to continue to be a Trustee for at least until such time as the bank, Charity Commission &c. have been informed of the election of a new Trustee). They shall be the signatories on any bank accounts held by the Society. Two signatures are required on all bank cheques and or withdrawal requests.

Trustees must declare any conflict of interest when dealing with the Society’s funds. They should not benefit from the Society’s investments for example the Society should not invest in companies or enterprises run by a Trustee or member of the Society.

Trustees must not have ever been declared bankrupt nor have committed any financial fraud in the past nor be ineligible in any other way as described by the Charity Commission. If an Officer of the Society is not eligible to be a Trustee another member of the Society who is eligible shall be elected as a replacement Trustee.



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