Urban Geology

Hull Urban Geological Sites - Urban RIGS in Hull.

At a meeting held on 8th May 2001 the East Yorkshire RIGS Group designated the following Hull Urban Geological Sites as Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites for their educational value:-

Llyods-TSB Bank on the corner of Chapel Street and paragon Street - a shop-front with a pale granite displaying excellent rapakivi structures.

Methodist Hall and the central Police Station in Queen's Gardens - both with a cladding of Tilberthwaire Tuff from the lake District - displaying sedimentary structures and volcanic bombs


Festival House - blocks of fossiliferous ironstone of Jurassic age


HSBC Bank near the War Memorial - solid pillars of granite

Williamson's Solicitors in Lowgate - fronted with polished slabs of Ashburton Marble - a Devonian Limestone with excellent stromatoporoid fossils.

Monument Buildings - Pillars of red granite containing dark xenoliths (inclusions of country rock).

The statue of King William in Market Place and associated plinth and Gentleman's Toilet.


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