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  cobble built wall

Perimeter wall of Grimston Church, build from cobble stones.

Holderness is largely made up of "Boulder Clay" - boulders in soft clay deposited by the Ice Ages. The large boulders collected from the beaches, fields and gravel pits are used as a building material in many Holderness villages. The boulders have been carried to our area by the glaciers and tracing their origins can tell us much about the last 2 million years ( a period of time known to geologists as the Quaternary). Click here to find out more about our Ice Age Coast.

Hornsea Church

Cobbles in the wall of Hornsea Church

Articles about cobble build chrushes and boulders -

Churches, Lichens and Rocks field meeting 2019 - Janet Robson, Mark Seaward and Mike Horne [published 2019]

Geology and Lichens of Saint Michael’s Church - Mark Seaward and Mike Horne [published 2019]

The Hornsea Tesco Boulder - Dennis Haughey, Mike Horne and Stuart Jones [published 2020]


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