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Ron Harrison

Ron Harrison

Ron Harrison joined the Hull Geological Society with his wife Jean (who died in 2017) in 1967. They were elected as Honorary Life Members in 2013. Ron was Vice-President of the Society from 1990 to 1994 and was a member of the Committee (from before 1983) until 1998.

Ron studied geology in Adult Education courses with Brian Waugh as the tutor at Hull University. As well as having a keen interest in local geology and natural history Ron took an interest in anthropogenic geology – building materials. He often led walks around the city centre pointing out the rocks used in the public buildings and shop fronts – taking with him a wet sponge to clean and dampen them so that we could see them in their full glory. He also collected local bricks and tiles.

When he entered a care home Ron donated his geological collections to the Society. The collection of bricks and tiles was donated to Hornsea Museum and a booklet about the collection has been written by Stuart Jones. Ron’s collection of local Quaternary fossils has been added to the Lewis Penny Collection at the University of Hull. Some of the books have been added to the Society’s Library.

Publications –

Harrison R & M Horne 1991. A Geological Walk in the city of Hull. Humberside Geologist 8, 21-25

Harrison R & Horne M 1992. The East Yorkshire Boulder Committee, report for the years 1987 to 1991. Humberside Geologist 10, 18-22.

Harrison R, 2006. Erratics of the Yorkshire coast. Humberside Geologist 14, 90-92, and on CD-ROM.

Contributions to Society meetings (from 1988) include –

Members’ Evenings –

1988 Jean & Ron Harrison – Holderness erratics

1991 Ron Harrison – pantiles.

1992 Ron Harrison – building stones of Hull.

1995 - Ron Harrison –Yorkshire coast

Field Trips –

1988 Building stones of Hull – Mike Horne & Ron Harrison

1989 Building stones of Hull – Mike Horne & Ron Harrison

1990 Building stones of Hull - Ron Harrison

1991 Building stones of Hull – Ron Harrison

1992 Hornsea – Ron Harrison

1993 Building stones of Hull – Ron Harrison


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