List of papers referring to the Geology, etc., of the East of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire; which have been published during 1896 and 1897.




F. M. BURTON. The Story of Lincoln Gap. [The Presidential address to the Lincolnshire Naturalists' Union at Lincoln, 895. Illustrated by a diagram shewing the present and former courses of the Trent, Witham, etc.] Lincolnshire Notes and ' Queries, Oct. 1896 and 1897, 15 pp.


JOH H. COOKE. Lincolnshire Boulders. [List of Boulders observed at Goxhill, Yarborough, Tetney, etc., including Shap Granite.] The "Naturalist," 1897, pp. 103-105.


JOHN H. COOKE. Lincolnshire Boulders. [Further list of boulders from North Thoresby, Wood Newton, etc.] The "Naturalist," 1897, pp. 283-284.


JOHN H. COOK. Notes on the Glacial Deposits of Cleethorpes and District. [Gives particulars of some sections exposed' brick-pits, etc., and of the boulders found in them.] The "Naturalist," 1897, pp. 277-281.


JOHN H. COOKE. A Section in the Lower Oolites of Searborouh. [Describes the various beds in a well-known quarry at Falsgrave, near Scarborough, and gives list of fossils.] The "Naturalist," 1896. pp. 289-292.


Rev, JOHN HAWELL. Description of two now species of Gastropoda from the Upper Lias of Yorkshire. [Describes some fossils, which are named Actaeonina Kendallii and Turbo Saltviciensis found by Mrs. P. F. Kendall in August, 1896. They were obtained from tile zone of Ammonites serpentinus, at Saltwick Nab, near Whitby. (plate,.] Proc. Yorks. Geo. and Polyt. Soc., 1897, pp. 199-200.


WILFRED H. HUDLESTON. A Monograph of the Inferior Oolite Gastropoda, part 9, PP. 445-514. PL XLI-XL/V. [Describes and figures specimens from the Lincolnshire Limestone, the Dogger, and the Scarborough Limestone.] Palaeontograph. Soc. vol. I. 1896.


P. F. KENDALL ; (Secretary; drawn up by) Report of the Committee on the Erratic Blocks of the British Isles. [Contains many East Riding Records.] Brit. Assn. Report 1896.


P. F. KENDALL; (Secretary; drawn up by) Report of the Committee on the Erratic Blocks of the British Islands. [Contains East Riding Records.] Brit. Assn. Report, 1897.


G. W. LAMPLUGH. The Formation of Chalk Boulders. [A letter referring to papers by Prof. G. A. J. Cole and Rev. E. Hill, in a previous number; thinks the landslips of chalk at Antrim, referred to by Prof. Cole, " insufficient even to account for the masses of chalk at Cromer; " and continues " it is quite certain the explanation will not apply " to the masses of Lias in the Basement Clay in Filey Bay and Bridlington Bay; nor to the patch of Speeton Clay which has surmounted the chalk of Flambro' Head.] Geol., Mag., 1896 pp. 45-46.


G. W. LAMPLUGH. Notes on the White Chalk of Yorkshire. Part III. The Geology of Flambro' Headland with notes on the Yorkshire Wolds. [This paper is accompanied by twelve excellent photographs of the cliffs of the headland, from Speeton Gap to High Stacks, by Mr. Godfrey Bingley.] Proc. Yorks. Geol. and Polyt. Soc., 1897, pp. 171-191.


G. W. LAMPLUGH. On The Speeton Series in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. [Gives results of further work on the Speeton section, and correlates the various beds in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. In Mid-Lincolnshire all the paleontological zones of Speeton are identified and traced, in spite of the greatly modified lithologica1 aspect of the deposits.] Q. J. G. S., 1895, pp. 179-220.


HERBERT MUFF & TIIOMAS SHEPPARD. Notes on the Glacial Geology of Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire. [Contains a general account of the drift beds of the Bay ; and records a new striated rock surface, the second discovered on the Yorkshire Coast; the direction of the strie being from N. 20 E. Mag.] Glacialists' Magazine, Sept., I895, pp. 47-50.


A. P. PAVLOW. On the classification of the Strata between the Kimmeridgian and the Aptian. [Compares the Speeton Clay of Yorkshre. and Claxby Ironstone, and Spilsby Sandstone, etc., of Lincolnshire, with the Lower Cretaceous rocks of Germany and Russia.] Q. J. G. S..1896, pp. 542-555.


THOMAS SHEPPARD. Notes on the occurrence of Boulders of Shap Granite, etc., in Lincolnshire. [Records boulders of this rock at Barton and South Ferriby for the first time in the County and gives a brief account of the effects of the Glacial Period in Lincolnshire.] The " Naturalist," 1896, PP. 333-339 and " Lincolnshire Boulders ;" the "Naturalist," pp. 373. The same paper also appears in " Lincolnshire Notes and Queries." April and July. 1897.


THOMAS SHEPPARD. Notes on Elephas Antiquus and other remains from the Gravels at Elloughton, near Brough, East Yorkshire. [Description of the gravels near Brough, some of which contain remains of Elephas Antiquus; the Mammoth, Bison, Horse, Ox, Red Deer, etc. Photos of sections accompany the paper.] Proc. Yorks. Geol. and Polyt. Soc., 1897, pp. 221-231.


J. W. STATHER. Notes on the Drifts of the Humber "Gap." [Describes sections in glacial and later deposits on the banks of the Number at N. and S. Ferriby respectively. Considers that the glacial material came from the eastward, the position of which indicates the former presence of land ice in the bed of the North Sea, and a moraine-like bar across the Humber Gap. Lists of rocks and fossils obtained from the clay given. Sections figured.] Proc. Yorks. Geol. and Polyt. Soc., 1897, pp. 210-220.


C. FOX-STRANGWAYS. Notes on the Coast between Redcar and Scarbro'. [Written for the Excursion Circular of the Whithy Meeting of the Yorkshire Geological and Polytechnic Society, July 31st and August 1st, 1896.] Proc. Yorks. Geol. and Polyt. Soc., 1897, pp. 248-251.


THOMAS TATE. The Yorkshire Boulder Committee and its Tenth Year's Work. [Contains several East Riding records.] The "Naturalist," 1897, pp. 59-74.


Rev. W. TUCKWELL. The Lincolnshire Naturalists' Union Boulder Committee. [Contains particulars of several boulders observed by the members of the Hull Geological Socy. at Louth. etc.] The "Naturalist," 1896, pp. 349-353.


ARTHUR SMITH WOODWARD. On the Fossil Fishes of the Upper Lias of Whitby. Part II. [A further contribution to our knowledge of the fossil fishes of these rocks. Illustrated by three plates of Caturus-, Sauroslomus-, and Pachycormus-remains. ] Proc. Yorks. Geol. and Polyt. Soc., pp, 155-170


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