Ancient British skull at Brough.--At the meeting held Jan. 7th, 1897, Mr. Thos. Sheppard announced the discovery of a skull of ancient type, at the Mill Hill Gravel-pit, Brough.


Presentation to Mr. P. F. Kendall, F.G.S.--At the close of the lecture on Nov. 25th, 1897, the president, Dr. F. F. Walton, on behalf of the members of the Petrological section of the Society, presented Mr. Kendall with a picture of the Weiss-horn.


Protosphyraena ferox at South Ferriby Cliff.--At the meeting Feb. 10th, 1898, the secretary announced that the fin of a teleostian fish, discovered some time ago by Mr. Crofts and himself, had been determined by Mr. E. T. Newton, F.R.S., as the above. The specimen occurred in the large quarry on the Humber side near South Ferriby, about 30 feet above the Belemnitella plena zone, and is the first record of this species in the North of England.


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