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Generic Risk Assessment

Type of meeting: - Indoor meeting during a health pandemic (e.g. Covid virus in 2020).

This is in addition to the existing Risk Assessment for the type of indoor meeting. 

 This Risk Assessment should be read in conjunction with the Safety Policy and Data Protection Procedure.  

Booking:  necessary or strongly desirable (see below). Contact details of attendees is required and will be retained and used according to the Data Protection policy. 

PPE – attendees should bring: facemask, gloves, hand sanitiser

The Leader of the event or Chair of the meeting should give a quick talk to the group about safety, particularly if non-members are present




Safety measures

Catching airborne virus


Agree a limit of attendees using the room with the host.

Arrange the seating to attain social distancing

Limit the numbers in the group to   government restrictions or those of the host

Follow any restrictions introduced by the host, such as one way systems around the building

Insist on pre-booking with full contact details if necessary.

Insist that anyone feeling unwell does not attend.

Remain socially distanced following guidelines

Everyone to wear masks apart from speakers

If it is a public meeting (e.g. Roadshow) ensure the number of people in the room does not exceed the limit and request they wear face masks. Provide hand sanitizer for the public.

Catching virus by contact

Low to medium

Advise attendees to avoid physical contact – e.g. avoid shaking hands

Clean surfaces (seats and table tops) if the host has notified that this has not been done

Wear gloves when handling specimens

Do not lick specimens to taste them or wet them

Wash hands or use hand sanitiser frequently.

Do not provide or share food or drinks.


Developing the virus after the event

Medium to high

Insist that the organiser is notified immediately, even if unproven Coronavirus.

Keep contact details for at least 2 weeks after the event (following HGS, host’s and Government policies and advice).

Immediately notify everyone and request that they self-isolate in line with Government advice and they should notify the organiser if any symptoms develop.

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