Local Heroes:

J W Stather, Tom Sheppard and the East Riding Boulder Committee

by Mike Horne FGS


Geological Collections at Hull Museum before WW2

Judge Bedwell - Bridlington Crag collections.

Dr William Buckland - Kirkdale Cave material.

Rev E Maule Cole mammoth teeth and fossil from East Yorkshire donated by Lady Phildelphia Cole 1911.

Drake Collection - saurian and fish remains.

Lether Collection - Corallian, Kellaways, Cornbrash, Scarborough Limestone and Millepore Oolite

William Smith - echinoderms and bivalves from Middle Jurassic Oolites.

J W Stather collection - particularly a good Speeton Clay collection; plus archives and family portraits.

Ichthyosaurus thryeospondylus from the Kimmeridgian of Speeton (HMP 10).

Plaster model of Flamborough Head showing the bio-zones.

compiled by Mike Horne 1989 and 2007

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