Yorkshire Geology Month


Minutes of the "Geology 8" gathering at York on July 2nd 2005 :-

Attended by :- Mike Windle, Stuart Swann, Sylvia Swann, Benedicte Windle, John Hudson, Catherine Maby, Jane Shutt (North East Geology Trust); Peter Kennett, Jean Kennett (Earth Science Education Unit); Jeremy Freeman (Midweek Geology Group); Mike Horne, Anne Horne, Gemma Horne, Paul Richards, Barrie Heaton, Paul Hildreth (Hull Geological Society and East Yorkshire RIGS Group); Roger Osborne (Whitby Museum); Camilla Nichol (Yorkshire Museum and Yorkshire Geological Society Council); Will Watts (Scarborough Council), Tom Lord (York University and guest speaker).

Apologies from :- Martin Dodson (Leeds University), Martin Whyte (Sheffield University), Patrick Boylan (Yorkshire Geological Society), Steve Thompson (North East Lincolnshire Museum), Byron Blessed (Nature's Wonders, Whitby), Stuart Ogilvy (Yorkshire Museum), Allison Quartermain (Huddersfield Geology Group and West Yorkshire RIGS Gp), Tony Benfield (Leeds Geological Association), Steve Plater (Dinostar Museum, Hull), Tim Langdale-Smith (Lincolnshire RIGS Officer), Nigel Whittington and Derek Gobbett (Hull Geological Society).

Mike Horne gave a report of Yorkshire Geological Month 2005 (see separate document).

Will then chaired a discussion during which it was decided -

To build on the success of YGM2005 by running Yorkshire Geology Month 2006.

That May and early June was the best time for it (September was suggested but ruled out because of several conferences and other commitments).

That the Organising Committee should continue to be informal and make use of any voluntary help offered.

We should create a "contact list" - a central list of Yorkshire geologists and groups for use by the public. But we must be aware of data protection and only publish with permission. A good start to this would be by YGM2005 supporters checking the details on the web-site and updating this is necessary. [Supporters can also put their own details and events onto the Yorkshire Geology discussion group on MSN]

That we try to raise some money towards costs by asking participating groups to contribute a small sum.

Mike Windle offered to look for grants and sponsorship to raise substantial funds to pay for publicity leaflets.

That someone should concentrate of getting regional press coverage - Yorkshire Post, TV, Radio etc.

PaulHildreth offered his services to the Organising Committee.

Peter Kennett suggested involving schools in YGM2006 and offered to investigate the use of the SET mailing list.

Mike Horne requested images of Yorkshire Geology and YGM2005 events for use in the 2006 publicity. [These should be sent on CDROM if possible - not e-mailed please]. He also pointed out that we need an early start to meet some publication deadlines (such as the GA magazine by Christmas for publication in May 2005).

Will suggested some deadlines for event information - but basically the sooner the better, but bearing in mind that tide tables for coastal events are not available until December. [Note - the event can be planned and the date added later or left blank for the public to contact the organisers! In 2005 two events were added during the month and were still successful!]

We should try to spread our net further into geology related industries and other sciences - making the link between geology and society ...

Will will call a Cttee meeting in the next 4-6 weeks. Any supporting Group can send a representative (but should warn the Cttee) and anyone can volunteer to join the Cttee.

That planning events for YGM2006 starts NOW!

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