Yorkshire Geology Month


Minutes/notes from Committee meetings

1st meeting - 1st June 2004

present - Camilla, Mike, Stuart and Will.

Mike to act as first point of contact (at least during the early planning period). Mike to write to organisations a.s.a.p. inviting them to take part and will tell others about this. Mike to start creating web pages.

Will to speak to Joe Cann (GS), YGS Council, GA Council, Yorkshire Tourist Board.

Will to ask Scarborough Council to manage the accounts and to start seeking grants e.g. Curry Fund & COPUS.

Camilla to speak to GCG, Yorkshire Nat Hist Curators Gp, Sheffield Museum.

Camilla - to organise meetings in York and look into web-hosting/domain.

We hope to find a West Yorkshire Rep.


If someone creates a logo then that is good, but we are not actively seeking one.

Perhaps the Sept/Oct meeting can look at poster designs etc. Also look more into networking.

To do -

Think about some "advice to event organisers".

Think about press pack . (including how to write a press release, how to get your local paper interested....and always mention dinosaurs!?)

Think about Network database format.

Think about Web-site + web-group

Schedule -

ASAP - write to all contacts (trying not to duplicate).

Soon - send announcement pieces to GA circular, Down to Earth, YGS circular, Geoscientist, Coprolite . [ DONE ]

Soonish - Find a suitable date for a Committee meeting in Sept/Oct in York. [DONE]

September - we need declarations of support from event organisers and if possible some details of events. [DONE]

Closing date for details of events to go into the printed version of the programme.

End March 2005 - post out posters, press packs etc. to event organisers. Also send info to regional press/radio/telly.

April - event organisers to approach local press/radio/telly.


Second Cttee meeting - October 8th 2004

present Camilla, Mike, Stuart, Tony and Will.

We would like to include more quarry company, masons, and groups with interests related to geology (wildlife, landscape, local history &c)

Next letter/e-mail should include a list of supporters and addresses of Cttee members.

Leeds G A plan 4 events possibly 5

Mike plans 4 events

N E Yorks Geology Trust "will do loads"

Dinosaur Coast will fill events where there are gaps.

Whitby Museum - Will has persuaded Roger Osborne to do something.

Yorkshire Museum to do city & cemy. walks and a roadshow. Also opening a new 'Ice Age' display.

YGS - to be raised at next YGS Council - Pete Rawson to be briefed before [note - Mike can attend Council in Hull in November if requested]

Publicity - Will said that we could not get grants for publicity and postage. Proposal is to post out a publicity pack to all event organisers and templates would also be available on web-site; this would include-

Launching YGM2005 - decided that we would try to encourage the organisers of the first event in diary for each region to have a 'launch' - a Cttee member would attend these and talk to press about the whole month.

The 'gathering' - it was decided to move this from mid-May to after the month - this would leave that weekend free for local events [a good tide day] and mean that at the 'gathering' organisers could report on successfulness of the events. This is now booked in the hall at the Yorkshire Museum for the afternoon of Saturday 2nd July. Starting at 1-30pm - to include two speakers for half hour each, slots for organisers to say a few words or display posters, time for networking and free or discounted entry into the 'Ice Age' display. YGS to be asked to support this and provide keynote speaker or two - important that it is a good speaker rather than an academic lecture.

Safety and insurance - It must be made clear that responsibility for safety and public liability insurance lies with the event organisers. A Risk Assessment MUST be done and kept by the organiser; the Cttee do not want to see it. Safety instructions should be passed on to those attending events by leaders. We hope that events will be as accessible as possible for non-geologists - so should not be too strenuous or hazardous anyway.


Will is seeing English Heritage Events Manager; Mike Windle; Susan Wilson of English Nature; National Trust.

Camilla to contact York Lit & Phil

Stuart to nudge York Geology Club

Tony and Will to contact BGS

Tony to contact the Deep

Mike to e-mail some of those who have not yet replied again to try to tempt them.

Mike to start putting events on to the web page and links to organisers.

Tony to write 'advice on publicity'

Mike to start compiling next mailing which will be sent out mid-November. This will be e-mailed out by Mike and posted out by Will.

Will to write/or adapt a Risk Assessment form

Camilla will arrange a domain name, which will re-direct to Mike's YGM2005 web pages.

Camilla/Stuart to get a logo - cartoon geologist?

All to e-mail bits for next mailing to each other for advice &c.

Deadline for 'events' to go into printed list is Monday January 10th 2005. Everything for that mailing has to be with Will by the end of that day.


3rd meerting held on 7th January 2005.

Present - Camilla, Mike, Stuart, Will.

Apologies - Tony and Gordon (Kingston Lapidary Soc.)

Supporters so far 60 - though one or two are just 'supporting' by agreeing to publicise events.

Events so far - 10 definite, and at least 15 more promised so far.

Because many people seem to have taken 2 weeks off for Xmas, it was decided to put the deadline for event details to go onto posters &c. back to 25th January - that is the date that details have to be with Will.

Press releases - Will and Camilla to split list of press contacts - Will to e-mail Camilla with his contacts. [Copy of press releases and lists to Mike please.]

Publicity -

Will gave permission for pictures and text to be used from the Dinosaur Coast & Scarboro web-sites (as long as copyright acknowledged). Will to send CD of high definition pictures to Mike.

Camilla to chase logo design.

Mike has free sub-domain for website - http://more.at/yorkshiregeology

Launches -

Dinostar to launch YGM2005 in East Yorks.

Huddersfield G S to be asked to launch in West.

North Yorkshire - perhaps Whyte & Romano for Dinosaur Coast.

Insurance issues -

Craven & Pendle G S have no insurance - Camilla to ask YGS if they would put event in their programme.

Jenny Huggett - Will offered to put her walk in Dino Coast Programme if required.

Chasing people -

Will to chase - North Yorks Moors Nat. Pk. , Roger Sutcliffe, Sheffield Museum, & invite E N to 'gathering'

Mike to chase - Mike Windle, Rick Myerscough, Roger Sutcliffe, Alison Quartermain [done]

Stuart to chase - Bolton Museum, Eric Robinson.

Camilla to chase - Hancock Museum, Scunthorpe Museum,

Organisers pack -

The 'gathering'

Booked for July 2nd. Recommended parking - us Park and Ride, or travel by train. Disabled parking can be arranged by contacting the Museum in advance.

Start at 1-30pm. Admission by invitation - invitations to go out with 'organisers pack', YGS circular, Mike's email lists, &c. Invite RIGS Groups and English Nature. People need to RSVP to book cup of coffee or tea. Event is for bona fide geologists not for the 'public'.

Items to be covered - what we did, what went well, do we want to do it again, what to do next time, the Way Forward for Yorkshire geologists. Lots of networking, perhaps keynote speakers with short talks - perhaps Pete Rawson and Roger Osborn?

Display boards available for use by 'event organisers'.

We discussed stalls from dealers &c. Mainly down to Museum policy - Camilla to make final decision on this. If Geosupplies runs a stall can we suggest a pre-ordering system for Chris to bring things for people to see/collect?

Next meeting - thought not necessary to fix another meeting - but can arrange one by e-mail if need arises.

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