Yorkshire Geology Month

What? Yorkshire Geology Month is a series of events in which geologists share their interest and enjoyment with the public.

When? May (but some events may be during the summer half term at the beginning of June).

Where? Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

Who? Geological groups, organisations, companies and individuals. Examples - Geological Societies, RIGS Groups, Lapidary Societies, Museums, Universities, Colleges, "Adult Education" Tutors, shops, wholesalers, quarrying companies, building stone groups, caving groups, individual geologists, masons, sculptors .... Also there are other groups who may have a partial interest in rocks and the landscape - wildlife groups, archaeological groups, civic societies, conservation groups, WATCH....

Why? To bring geology to the public in their own area. To show how everyone's life is affected by geology - our food, our buildings and our landscape. To show how anyone can become an amateur scientist and take an active interest in geology - we all have an equal chance of finding something rare!

It is also hoped that this will bring the geologists together a bit more and be the start of an informal network.

How? A huge variety of events can be included in Geology Month. Examples are public walks in cities, on beaches or in the countryside; public talks; exhibitions in museums, libraries community centres or schools , these could be temporary displays for a few weeks in glass cases or just a short table top exhibition for few hours; "roadshows" to identify specimens brought in by members of the public; field trips of the look-see type or a collecting trip; "open days" by Universities or colleges; "behind the scenes" tours of museums; workshops perhaps on polishing stones, microfossils or "caring for your collection"; geology or science quiz; treasure hunt; painting competition for younger geologists; a 'night class' taster session .....

There will be a small informal organising committee who aim to gather details of the events and feedback the information to the event organisers to give Geology Month a sense of unity.

Communication - Information will be available on a Geology Month website. We also hope that we can raise grant-funding to pay for posters and a press pack to be sent to event organisers.

Data protection - event organisers should please indicate if there is any personal information that you would like to protect. There may be home ex-directory telephone numbers or home e-mail addresses that you may not wish everyone to know. All information will be shared between the "committee" and there may be a half-way list of information available only to other 'bona-fide' geologists.

Networking - This is a chance to create and share a database of those individuals, groups and companies interested in geology.

There will be a "gathering for the geologists" during geology month - where we can gather, meet each other, share experiences and knowledge, discuss future joint activities. This will be at the Yorkshire Museum in July. There will be a guset speaker, poster displaysm, discussions and the chance to view the displays at the Museum.

What this is not!!! - This is not an attempt to form a new Society with affiliations and subscriptions that will take the place of any existing organisation. It is not an attempt to tell groups what to do or how to do it!

Organisation - There is a small informal "organising Committee" that will collect the details of the events and networking and pass it on to others involved. It is a small committee to make the organising quick and effective, it is not meant to be representative in any way and is simply made up of those who volunteered first! All offers of help and suggestions will be gratefully received. If the Geology Month proves to be a success perhaps it can be repeated and the networking will continue. There is no reason though why others cannot organise it in the future.

The 'informal organising committee' co-ordinating the month consists of Camilla Nichol and Stuart Ogilvy of the Yorkshire Museum, Will Watts from the Dinosaur Coast Project, Anthea Brigstocke and Tony Benfield of the Leeds Geological Association, Mike Windle and Phil Brierly of the North East Geology Trust and Mike Horne and Paul Hildreth of the Hull Geological Society.

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