Yorkshire Geology Month



Aims - The main aim of Yorkshire Geology month is for local geological enthusiasts to run local events for the public each year, in and around Yorkshire, in May and early June.

Secondary aims are to provide encouragement and support to local enthusiasts, and create a network of geologists and organisations.

Participation - Anyone with an interest in geology or working with geological materials - Geological groups, organisations, companies and individuals.

Examples - Geological Societies, RIGS Groups, Lapidary Societies, Museums, Universities, Colleges, "Adult Education" tutors, shops, wholesalers, quarrying companies, building stone groups, caving groups, individual geologists, masons, sculptors .... Also there are other groups who may have a partial interest in rocks and the landscape - wildlife groups, archaeological groups, civic societies, conservation groups, WATCH....

Many geological and related groups will normally run events in the month of May. We are not asking groups to change that - but we are asking them to put them under the "Yorkshire Geology Month" umbrella so that we can all feel that we are contributing to something bigger.

Events -

The Yorkshire Geology Month will be held from May until the end of the first week of June each year.

A huge variety of events can be included in Geology Month. Examples are public walks in cities, on beaches or in the countryside; public talks; exhibitions in museums, libraries community centres or schools , these could be temporary displays for a few weeks in glass cases or just a short table top exhibition for few hours; "roadshows" to identify specimens brought in by members of the public; field trips of the look-see type or a collecting trip; "open days" by Universities or colleges; "behind the scenes" tours of museums; workshops perhaps on polishing stones, microfossils or "caring for your collection"; geology or science quiz; treasure hunt; painting competition for younger geologists; a 'night class' taster session .....

Events are encouraged to be as accessible as possible for people with disabilities.

Organisers are encouraged to create links with non-geological organisations to highlight the ways geology impacts on our lives.

Events can be free, or a charge made to cover costs, or organisers may ask for donations from those attending.

No offer of an event will be turned down, unless it is unsafe or unreasonably discriminatory.

Organisation -

YGM is not intended to replace any existing geological Society or organisation and only exists in an informal way to bring groups and individuals who share its aims together.

There will be a small informal organising committee who aim to gather details of the events and feedback the information to the event organisers to give Geology Month a sense of unity.

YGM is a not-for-profit organisation. No Committee member should benefit personally from any funding obtained by YGM, except for any expenses for attending meetings or incurred as a local organiser of local events.

If YGM ceases to exist any residual funds shall be distributed equally to participating geological charities that have similar aims.

Liability -

Local organisers are encouraged to carry out a risk assessment and bring any safety issues to the attention of those attending events. The Organising Committee does not accept any responsibility for the safety of the events.

Data protection -

The Organising Committee takes data protection very seriously. They should only make public personal information where permission has been given. They should not use confidential information for purposes other than YGM matters, or pass it on to third parties. All information will be shared between the "committee" and there may be a half-way list of information available only to other 'bona-fide' YGM supporters.

Supporters and event organisers should indicate if there is any personal information that you would like to protect. There may be home ex-directory telephone numbers or home e-mail addresses that they do not wish everyone to know. The Committee will try to hide e-mail addresses on the website from Spam Robots if requested.

Supporters and event organisers may at any time request that all personal information held by the YGM Committee be deleted.

(circulated to the Committee October 2005 and acepted by all Cttee members)

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