Hull Geological Society

Hull Geological Society

Generic Risk Assessment


Type of meeting :- Microscope Evening or workshop for Members and University staff and students.


Room Booking Requirements:

Normally hosted by the University of Hull - room must be booked in advance

The meeting is held on the first floor. Disabled access is not good.


ALL PEOPLE TAKE PART AT THEIR OWN RISK - we do have liability insurance but NO accident insurance! Young people (under 18) should be accompanied by a responsible adult





Safety measures

Electric hazards on equipment used


It is assumed that the hosts have carried out the necessary PAT tests. Do not use if you notice the test is out of date or if there is any obvious damage to the equipment or wiring.

Take care when using microscope lamps. Always set them to low power before switching on and then increase the power if required.

Do not allow tailing cables to become a trip hazard.



Please remind people present about the fire exits and evacuation procedure; especially if there are new members or guests present

The organiser must inform Security that we are in the building and when we will leave.

Heavy lifting and dropping equipment


Take care when moving microscopes and lamps. Always carry them using two hands, supporting the equipment from below. Never carry a microscope by the eyepieces. Never carry a lamp by the flex or flexible lighting arms

Eye strain


Always set up you microscope carefully and ensure that the focusing is correct for your eyesight. Ask for help from an experienced member if unsure. Take a break from using the microscope if you experience visual discomfort.

Back pain


Ensure that your chair is adjusted to the correct height and angle to allow you to use the microscope comfortably. Ensure that microscope is positioned so you do not have lean forward too much. Ask for help from an experienced member if unsure. Stop using the microscope if you experienced discomfort due to your posture.