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Hull Geological Society

Generic Risk Assessment


Type of meeting :- Roadshow for public


Room Booking Requirements:

Check with hosts about accessibility for disabled people

Check with hosts about facilities  tables, chairs, lamps & display boards

Check with hosts for parking and unloading near the event space


ALL PEOPLE TAKE PART AT THEIR OWN RISK - we do have liability insurance but NO accident or property insurance! . Members and guests accept lifts at their own risk.


Advice to exhibitors-  do not display specimens that are precious to you in case they get lost or stolen. Larger display specimens are harder to steal. Consider displaying valuable specimens in a locked display cabinet. Consider insuring valuable specimens.






Safety measures

Electric hazards on equipment used


It is assumed that the hosts have carried out the necessary PAT tests. Do not use if you notice the test is out of date or if there is any obvious damage to the equipment or wiring.

Do not allow trailing cables to become a trip hazard.



It is assumed that the hosts are responsible for evacuation of the event space in event of fire. Volunteers helping the Society should familiarise themselves with the evacuation instructions if displayed in the event space. Volunteers should evacuate the event quickly in event of fire and not try to take the displays with them.

Heavy lifts – boxes of specimens; display boards; tables &c.


Try to arrange an unloading area as close to the event space as possible. Ask the hosts for help – are their trolleys available and can they set up the tables and display boards in advance?  HGS volunteers should help each other with any heavy lifting required.

Volunteers are recommended to wear footwear with protective toe caps if they have them.

Risk of burns when using acid to test specimens for carbonate content.


Use only dilute acid. Store the acid securely, preferably in a double container (e.g. a dropper bottle kept in a sealable plastic box or bag). Wash off any excess acid after testing or id water not available dry with a paper towel and dispose of the towel with extra care.


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