HGS Risk assessment

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 Risk Assessment


Type of meeting :-


Booking Requirements:


Booking*: necessary, desirable, just show up.


Contact telephone number for public*: HGS Secretary or .....................


Suitability*: disabled, easy, strenuous, steep slopes, slippery, rocky


Essential equipment * : hard hat, steel toe-capped footwear, high visibility waistcoat, goggles/safety specs.  NOTE - people without these will not be allowed on the field meeting.


Footwear * :  any, walking boots, trainers, wellies


Clothing * : any, waterproofs, boiler suit, protective gloves.


Recommended equipment * : hand lens,  hammer and chisel, sledge hammer, trowel, newspapers for wrapping specimens, spade, hard hat.


Food * :  Packed Lunch, pub lunch, not required.


Transport * : shared lifts, minibus, public - details:


Hammering * : prohibited/discouraged/allowed


Collecting * : prohibited/discouraged/allowed/encouraged


Nearest Hospital with A&E:

telephone no.


* - delete as necessary.

NOTE: Please check with Quarry Manager on the day for instructions/new hazards.

Please remind people NOT to wander off or leave without informing the Leader.

Please give a quick talk to the group about safety and hand out a copy of the Society's Safety policy to non-members.
ALL PEOPLE TAKE PART AT THEIR OWN RISK - we do have liability insurance but NO accident insurance!

Young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult


Hull Geological Society









Safety measures
























Hazard - is something that has the potential to cause harm; such as falling rocks, tides, hammering.


Risk - a combination of the probability that an accident might occur and the amount of harm caused.


Safety Measures - the proposed action you propose to take to minimise the risk e.g. wear hard hats, instruct participants not to paddle in a sludge lagoon, wear safety specs when hammering. Please also refer to the Society's safety policy.


Remember: you should bring the hazards and safety measures to the attention of the party at the start of the field meeting.



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This form must be completed and a copy sent to:

The Secretary, Hull Geological Society,

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