Hull Geological Society

Hull Geological Society

Generic Risk Assessment


Type of meeting :- Public walk - graveyard geology


ALL PEOPLE TAKE PART AT THEIR OWN RISK - we do have liability insurance but NO accident insurance! Young people (under 18) must be accompanied by a responsible adult


Ethics - do not use acid to test rocks for carbonate content. Show respect and do not disturb temporary memorials or flower displays.


PPE - normal outdoor clothing


The Leader should give a quick talk to the group about safety , particularly if non-members are present and remind people NOT to wander off or leave without informing the Leader






Safety measures

Traffic hazard


Leader should plan route and time of the event to reduce risk of heavy traffic.

Leader must tell people at the start of the event to take care crossing roads. Leader should try to keep the group together.

Uneven ground and trip hazards


Leader should plan a route that is as wheelchair friendly as practicable.

Leader should remind people not to trip on uneven  and slippery surfaces.

Falling monuments


Leader should tell people not to lean on monuments and gravestones: they may be unstable. In particular avoid standing near monuments that have tilted.

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