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Risk Assessment



Type of activity: - volunteering to curate and conserve geological collections (e.g. at the University of Hull, museums and stately homes)

Volunteers under the age of 18 must be supervised by a responsible adult.

Do not eat and drink in the room where the collection is stored. Always wash your hand after handling geological specimens.  




Safety measures

Sharp specimens – e.g. obsidian, flint, slate

Risk of cuts

Reduce the need for handling; handle with care; wear stout gloves if necessary.

Toxic minerals – e.g. lead, cadmium, mercury, barium minerals. Slag

Risk of poisoning

Reduce the need for handling; wear protective gloves; if possible contain the specimen in a separate plastic bag.

Biohazards – such as Weil’s Disease

Risk of serious illness

Existing specimens in collections should be safe. New specimens should be washed or kept for over 6 month before accessioning.

Pyrite Rot – specimens decay and  give off sulfuric acid

Risk of damage to furniture

Store in dry conditions or keep dry in a separate container.

Dust and dirt on specimens in the collection


Do not wear your best clothing. Wash hands regularly. Always wash hands before eating and drinking.

Preparing and repairing specimens


If required this should be undertaken in a separate room if possible wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment. A separate Risk Assessment may be required for this,


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