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Hull Geological Society

Generic Risk Assessment


Type of meeting :- Rifle Butts SSSI conservation visit -  HGS members and YWT volunteers only


The following PPE is recommended-Hard hat, stout footwear, thick gloves, safety spectacles, old rugged clothing.

The following equipment is useful- trowel, dustpan and hand brush, bucket, yard brush, shovel, secateurs, long handled loppers, wheelbarrow.


Members of the HGS will visit the site at least once a year to remove scree and debris from the exposure, remove any vegetation from the exposure; cut back vegetation above the exposure; clean the notice board and generally keep the geological site tidy for visitors.


HGS members regularly working at Rifle Butts should register as YWT volunteers using the document provided.


Ethics -


Hammering of the exposure without permission is prohibited.

Material removed from the exposure should be deposited away from the geological site so as not to contaminate the floor of the geological site, as agreed with the YWT; e.g. near the main entrance to the site. Interesting geological specimens and fossils found loose in the scree during the HGS maintenance visits should be eventually placed in the public domain (Hull Museum or the Treasure House).

Members of the HGS may carry out small repairs to the site equipment - e.g. repairs to the netting, fencing and notice board.

Any need for major repairs to the structure should be reported to the YWT. 

No work which could damage the integrity of the exposure or the floor of the geological site should be undertaken without the permission of the YWT and Natural England. Similarly permission is required to remove in situ specimens and samples from the exposure and geological site floor.

Any vandalism or signs of unauthorised collecting from the site should be reported to the YWT and NE.






Safety measures

Trip hazard from brambles


Cut them back to create a safe route

Cuts and scratches from vegetation


Wear gardening or “riggers” gloves. Members are advised to bring a small first aid kt.

Slips on muddy ground


Wear stout non-slip footwear

Climbing and falls


Do not climb the face or under the roof if not confident.

Tie a long rope to back of roof support to aid climbing



Do not overfill buckets or wheelbarrows. Bend knees not back when lifting.


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