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HGS Boat Trip

Hull Geological Society

Generic Risk Assessment



Type of meeting:- Geological Boat Trip – members and guests


This Risk Assessment should be read in conjunction with the Safety Policy.


ALL PEOPLE TAKE PART AT THEIR OWN RISK - we do have liability insurance but NO accident insurance! Young people must be accompanied by a responsible adult. . Members and guests accept lifts at their own risk.


This is not a “geological field trip”. It is assumed that most people attending will not have PPE or geological equipment. It is probably not suitable for people with mobility difficulties


The leader/organiser should check that that the boat owner/operator has the required licences to carry passengers and the correct safety equipment.


The event may be cancelled at short notice.






Safety measures

Uneven and slippery surfaces (including wet gangplanks


Leader should plan route to try to avoid clambering over large boulders or walking on soft ground. Leader must warn people at the start of the event to take care when walking. People attending should wear non-slip footwear.

Steeps slopes


Walking down and up steep slopes may be involved to get to and from the launching point. Event may be unsuitable for members with heart or breathing difficulties.

Accident at sea


It is the responsibility of the boat owner/operator has the correct safety equipment and a means of summoning help.


Rough seas or weather


The event will be cancelled by the boat operator if the weather, tide or wind direction is not suitable.



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