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Generic Risk Assessment


Type of meeting :- Bisat Research Group Field trip -  coastal  HGS members and invited guests only


This Risk Assessment should be read in conjunction with the Safety Policy the Group should write a specific risk assessment if the field trip is more hazardous. A brief risk briefing will be given by the Convener before the field trip commences.

ALL PEOPLE TAKE PART AT THEIR OWN RISK - we do have liability insurance but NO accident insurance! People under 18 years in age must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Members and guests accept lifts at their own risk.


Ethics - Dimlington is a SSSI and there are coast RIGS at Atwick, Barmston; Mappleton, Sand le Mere and Skipsea; hammering and collecting in situ material should be kept to a minimum.


The following PPE is required - hard hat and stout footwear. High visibility clothing and safety eyewear are recommended






Safety measures

Falling rocks and landslips


All participants should wear hard hats and high vis clothing and only approach cliffs after careful observation.

Incoming tide


The Convenor should plan a route and time of the event to avoid the risk of being trapped by incoming tide. It is best to run the event on a falling tide. High visibility clothing is recommended.

Uneven and slippery surfaces


The Group should plan route to try to avoid clambering over large boulders or walking on soft ground. The Group should take care when walking on uneven beach/foreshore surfaces and slippery intertidal areas. Stout footwear with ankle support is required and suitable outdoor clothing.

Risk of burns when using acid to test specimens for carbonate content.


Use only dilute acid. Store the acid securely, preferably in a double container (e.g. a dropper bottle kept in a sealable plastic box or bag). Wash off any excess acid after testing or, if water is not available, dry with a paper towel and dispose of the towel with responsibly.

Risk of cuts from hammering


Eye protection is required if participant plan to use geological hammers. Participants should not hammer if anyone else is standing within a 3 metre radius.

Climbing and measuring cliffs


The Group should take care when climbing cliffs. All participants must wear hard hats and appropriate footwear. There should be other members of the group present when climbing cliffs to measure the stratigraphy and take samples. Members are encouraged to carry a mobile ‘phone to call the emergency services in event of an accident; though there may not be a good signal at the base of a cliff!


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